My name is Franklin Fick. For the past several years I have been quietly making my living online. I don’t have a fancy yacht or a million dollar bank account. I am not an Internet Guru. I am just a regular guy who has worked hard and has been able to enjoy some of the benefits of Internet Marketing! (being my own boss, providing great value to my students and customers, and receiving feedback about how what I have been able to share has touched and changed people’s lives!–  not bad right?)


I want to share what I have learned along the way.

I started coding WordPress Plugins for myself because I was frustrated at what was available. I spent a lot of money and try trying out different solutions and found out that they did not really work all that well. Then I even hired some programmers to build something for me…

I waited months..  finally they told me they were finished and would like to get paid the rest fo the money that I owed them for the job. I checked what they had produced and well….  I had 5 things that needed to be met for the job to be complete..  they did about 1/2 of one thing…  I have no idea how they could have called the job done..  to me they had not really even started and were very far from done.. Plus I had wasted lots of valuable time waiting for them to finish..  (months of time… that I could have used way better then waiting on them)

To put it mildly..  I was really FRUSTRATED…

So I said thats it–  I will just make what I need myself and I sat down and learned and studied..  and coded and coded and coded and coded…  and came up with solutions that would work for me..

When I sat down to creatre some plugins for myself I was kind of lucky that I was not a complete beginner….  I have very fond memories of sitting down with my grandfather during the summer and playing and helping him code games for his Commodore 64 ( I am sure a lot of people don’t even remember those…  haha) and since then I have always “played around” with computers…

After making some plugins for myself- I realized that if these plugins solved my problems and made my life less frustrating–  then I am sure other people might find them useful as well…

That’s basically how I started coding wordpress plugins, how this site came about, and why I am offering my plugins for sale.

Other then that I have some very diverse hobbies and life experience..  I have a degree in art..  In enjoy gardening, I have taught and practiced Traditional Chinese Kung Fu for over 20 years..  and I have a degree in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine…  I keep myself busy..


Right now this website is still under construction. I will be updating as I can. You will find lots of great things here in the future!


Please check out my WordPress Plugins and see if they can help you!


And, please join my Mailing List – so we can stay in touch!





Franklin Fick


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